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In the heterogeneous Inca Empire, polytheistic religions were practiced by its people. Most religions had common traits such as the existence of a Pachamama and Viracocha

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Inca Religion The Incas believed that the god Viracocha created the earth, stars, and all living things.They believed that he created the moon and the sun by plucking ...

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Inca Religion : Here I described Incas religion, their god and goddess, their festivals..

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Children of the Sun. The Inca worshipped many gods and goddesses. They believed every mountain peak was either the home of a god or an actual god.

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Inca Religion had a great deal of importance to the Inca people and there were many layers to the Inca religion as there is three levels involved in the religion itself.

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Inca religion —an admixture of complex ceremonies, practices, animistic beliefs, varied forms of belief in objects having magical powers, and nature worship ...

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Inca religion, a religion of many gods. Inca religion was one of the main concerns of the Spanish Conquerors since their arrival to the new world, ...

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The Inca religion believed strongly in everything having its polarity. At many of their festivals the inca would sacrifice animals and sometimes humans.

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Inca Religion - Inca Religion The Inca are an ancient South American people that had their own distinct set of religious beliefs.