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In mathematics, an integral assigns numbers to functions in a way that can describe displacement, area, volume, and other concepts that arise by combining ...

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I do know that shoot-'em-ups (and saw-'em-ups) are likely to remain part of our lives, and that suggests a depressing idea: Maybe the love of violence is an integral ...

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Mathematics. Also called Riemann integral. the numerical measure of the area bounded above by the graph of a given function, below by the x-axis, and on the sides by ...

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in·te·gral (ĭn′tĭ-grəl, ĭn-tĕg′rəl) adj. 1. Essential or necessary for completeness; constituent: The kitchen is an integral part of a house.

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Integral. An integral is a mathematical object that can be interpreted as an area or a generalization of area. Integrals, together with derivatives, are the ...

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Free online integrals calculator - solve integration problems. Wolfram Integrator, powered by Mathematica

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More example sentences He was integral to the whole process and I'll probably vote for him in the final round of voting. Musically, it often has a really boring part ...


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