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Use of interval classes. The concept of interval class accounts for octave, enharmonic, and inversional equivalency. Consider, for instance, the following passage:

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Example of Class Interval. In the table above, heights of 20 students of a class are divided into classes with the size of each class interval being 5.

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In musical set theory, an interval vector (also called an interval-class vector or ic vector) is an array that expresses the intervallic content of a pitch-class set.

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T351 Fall 2013 Pitch-class sets (basics: pitch vs. pitch-class spaces) & on the interval-class vector

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Interval (class) Because intervals are dependent upon the pitches that create them, the consonance and dissonance of intervals in tonal music is determined by ...

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Class-interval definition, ... class-interval; class-mark; class-meaning; class-relation method; class-struggle; class-warfare; class. classbook; classes;

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class interval; class intervals; class intervals; class IVa beta-tubulin; class IVb beta tubulin; class IVb beta-tubulin; Class IX Study; Class Justification & Approval;

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Tabata Interval Training: Sample Class. by Eve Fleck, MS on Nov 15, 2011. Tabata intervals (named for Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata) are a great example of ...

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Interval Training: Short Workouts That Really Pay Off. Jason R. Karp, Ph.D. Topics: calorie burning, Cardio, fat-burning workouts, interval training .