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Iranian Revolution (Islamic Revolution, 1979 Revolution) انقلاب اسلامی ایران; Protesters around Shahyad Tower (later Azadi Tower), Tehran, 1979

History of Iran: Islamic Revolution of 1979

Khamenei was one of the founders of the Islamic Republican Party, which dominated the Majlis (the national legislature) after the 1979 revolution.

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Iranian Revolution of 1978–79, also called Islamic Revolution, Persian Enqelāb-e Eslāmī, popular uprising in Iran in 1978–79 that resulted in the toppling of ...

The Iranian Revolution

The Iranian Revolution. King Pahlavi (the Shah) | The Pahlavi Monarchy Falls | Political Divisions, Cleric Power and Totalitarianism. King Pahlavi (the Shah)

Iranian Revolution

Background In 1921 Reza Khan, commander of an Iranian cossack force, overthrew the decadent Kajar dynasty, and, as Reza Shah Pahlevi, established the Pahlevi dynasty ...

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Celebrating its 35th anniversary, Iran's Islamic Revolution shocked the world and redrew the map of global alliances.

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Brief history of the Iranian Revolution of 1979, in which Islamic clerics overthrew Shah Pahlavi and established the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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The roots of Sunni Islam's ailments it must be noted are not entirely to do with religion, as most journalists, politicians and "experts" in Europe and ...

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Introduction. Iran's revolution began with a popular democracy movement and ended with the establishment of the world's first Islamic state. The revolution turned ...

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