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Mendell Lewittes, Jewish Law: An Introduction, Jason Aronson. ISBN 1-56821-302-6; Daniel Pollack ed., Contrasts in American and Jewish Law, Ktav. ISBN 0-88125-750-8;

Judaism 101: Halakhah: Jewish Law

Learn what Jewish law is and what it is derived from. Distinguishes between laws from the Torah and different classes of laws made by the rabbis.

Jewish Law - Examining Halacha, Jewish Issues and Secular Law

Examining halacha, Jewish issues and secular law. The site has articles covering economic and family law areas, applied to modern society.

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In the Talmud there is an assertion that “whatever decision of a mature scholar in the presence of his teacher will yet derive from the Law (Torah) that was already ...

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The tradition that 613 commandments (Hebrew: תרי"ג מצוות ‎: taryag mitzvot, "613 mitzvot") is the number of mitzvot in the Torah, began in the 3rd century ...

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Jewish Law Index Page -- Judaism on the Internet -- The ultimate resource for Jews, Judaism, Jewish Education, and Torah.

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Jewish Law The complete body of rules and practices that Jews are bound to follow, including biblical commandments, commandments instituted by the rabbis, and binding ...

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Clue: Jewish law. Jewish law is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 5 times. There are related clues (shown below).

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Jewish Law - Articles. Jewish Law maintains an archive of articles concerning how Jewish law perceives American law. The articles are listed below, by topic and title:

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The Torah, or Jewish Written Law, consists of the five books of the Hebrew Bible - known more commonly to non-Jews as the "Old Testament" - that were given by G-d to ...