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verb (slang) lams, lamming, lammed 1. (transitive) to thrash or beat 2. (intransitive; usually foll by into or out) to make a sweeping stroke or blow

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Lamed or Lamedh is the twelfth letter of the Semitic abjads, including Phoenician Lāmed , Hebrew 'Lāmed ל, Aramaic Lāmadh , Syriac Lāmaḏ ܠ, and Arabic Lām ل.

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Unicode name: Arabic Letter Lam With Bar) is an additional letter of the Arabic script, derived from lām (ل) with the addition of a bar. It is not used in the ...

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BANĪ LĀM, a numerous and historically important Shiʿite Arab tribe of northwestern Ḵūzestān, southern Lorestān, and adjacent parts of Iraq.

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Lām. Lām, a letter of the Arabic alphabet; Mor lam, an ancient Lao form of song in Laos and Isan; Lam saravane, a music genre; Lam luang, a music genre

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Quran lesen lernen - Komplette 3. Lernstunde - Das Alphabet (mīm/lām), القرأن الكريم جزء الـر | The Holy Quran 'Juz ʾAlif Lām Rāʾ, Haroof e ...

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on the lam, escaping, fleeing, or hiding, esp. from the police: He's been on the lam ever since he escaped from jail. 3. ... lām Pronunciation: (läm), ...