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Lagash [4] / ˈ l eɪ ɡ æ ʃ / is an ancient city located northwest of the junction of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers and east of Uruk, about 22 kilometres (14 mi ...

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Lagash, modern Telloh, one of the most important capital cities in ancient Sumer, located midway between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in southeastern Iraq. The ...

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City State of Lagash / Sirpurla. Lagash (modern Tell al-Hiba) was also known as Sirpurla by the Sumerians, and was located to the north-west of the ...

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Lagash or Shirpurla shĭrpŏrˈlə, ancient city of Sumer, S Mesopotamia, now located at Telloh, SE Iraq. Lagash was

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Entemena, one of the more famous rulers of the first dynasty of Lagash, and takes the form of a magnificent silver vase.

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Gudea was a ruler of the state of Lagash in Southern Mesopotamia who ruled ca. 2144 - 2124 BC. He probably did not come from the city, but had married Ninalla ...

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Ancient Lagash (Modern Telloh) Girsu [Hiba] in Iraq ... Table of Contents = Civilizations - Cultures - Areas - Regions - Prehistory

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Inscripted clay cone of Urukagina, king of Lagash. Letter sent by the high priest Lu’enna to the king of Lagash. Inscripted clay cone of Eannatum, ...