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Lavis (German: Laifs) is a comune (municipality) in Trentino in the northern Italian region Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, located about 7 kilometres (4 miles) north ...


LAVIS. Versatile layout visualization platform supporting fast large data display and multiple file formats.

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Luke Lavis works at the interface of chemistry and biology, assembling small-molecule fluorescent dyes to facilitate biological studies.

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Lavis è al centro di una zona che vanta una secolare vocazione vitivinicola, dal tempo in cui i Reti, popolo fiero e intraprendente, iniziò a produrre vino pregiato.

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LAVIS is a software tool created by the TOOL Corporation, Japan. LAVIS is a "layout visualisation platform". It supports a variety of formats such as GDSII, OASIS and ...

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And to top it all off, retired courtier Valantino Garavani threw a lavish party at his expansive estate, Château de Wideville.

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Lavis Lab / We work at the interface of chemistry and biology, assembling small molecule fluorescent dyes that facilitate sophisticated biological studies.

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Lavish comes from an older English noun lavish that meant “plenty.” This noun probably came from a medieval French word lavasse, “a heavy rain.”