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Map of the Roman empire in AD 125, under emperor Hadrian, showing the LEGIO XV APOLLINARIS, stationed at Satala (Saddagh, Turkey), in Cappadocia province, from AD 117 ...

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Legio XV Apollinaris: one of the Roman legions. Its name signifies that it was dedicated to Apollo, the favorite god of the emperor Augustus.

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D Legio XV Apollinaris woa a römische Legion, de laung in Carnuntum im haiding Nidaesdaraich schdazioniad woa. A römische Legion hod ungefea 4000 bis 6000 schwa ...

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The Savaria Legio XV Apollinaris (Szombathely, Hungary) Legio quinta decima Apollinaris (Fifteenth Apollonian Legion) was a Roman legion. It was recruited by Octavian ...

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See also List of Roman legions for details of notable late Republican legions See also Sub-Units of the Roman legion. The Marian reforms (of Gaius Marius) enlarged ...

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Legio XV Apollinaris; Mapa do Império Romano em 125, na época do imperador Adriano, mostrando a LEGIO XV APOLLINARIS, acampada em Satala (moderna Saddagh, Turquia ...