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A lictor (possibly from Latin: ligare, "to bind") was a Roman civil servant who was a bodyguard to magistrates who held imperium. Lictors were used since the Roman ...

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When a meeting was held, one lictor was stationed near the house, the other fifty yards from it on the road leading into town.

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A Lictor prepares to attack an Ultramarines Space Marine. Lictors are the lone hunters of the Tyranid swarm, roving ahead of the hive fleet, seeking out prey and ...

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Lictor, plural lictors or lictores, member of an ancient Roman class of magisterial attendants, probably Etruscan in origin and dating in Rome from the regal period.

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Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Record: Designation Lictor Common Title Spook, Mantis Stalker Species Name Tyranicus chameleo Average Height 2.4m

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Then, schooled in needful agility, he ran away before a lictor’s whip could reach him. — Anthony Burgess, Kingdom of the Wicked; Translations

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lic·tor (lĭk′tər) n. A Roman functionary who carried fasces when attending a magistrate in public appearances. [From Middle English littoures, lictors, from ...