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The following list of cat breeds includes domestic cat breeds and domestic/wild hybrids. The list includes established breeds recognized by various cat registries ...

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PoC - Concerned with cat welfare and the best pictures of cats

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All cat breeds with pictures and information. Includes the Persian, Siamese, Devon Rex, Ragdoll, Sphynx, Maine Coon and many more purebred cat breeds originating in ...

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Popular Cat Breeds. Find your perfect cat companion in CatChannel’s Cat Breed Profiles. Out of the 55 breeds on CatChannel, you can find cat personalities, cat ...

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Cat breeds: Browse our list of 43 cat breeds to find the perfect cat breed for you, and then find adoptable cats close to you.

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All Cat Breeds List ( 60+ ) Body Types. Smallest cat breeds Small cat breeds Medium cat breeds Large cat breeds Largest cat breeds. Coat Length.

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A list of cat breeds to help you choose your perfect cat. Over 70 domestic cats breeds to choose from, longhaired or shorthaired cats or possibly a special hairless cat.

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Find the best list of cat breeds, including rare and exotic breed of cats. Great information source about cat breed types for allergies, kids and apartments.

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This is a list of specific natural cats. For fictional cats refer to List of fictional cats. For cat breeds, see List of cat breeds

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Cat breed profiles of more than 200 breeds. Includes personality, history, cat pictures, cat health info, and more. Find the cat breed that is right for you.