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Louis Leon Thurstone (29 May 1887 – 30 September 1955) was a U.S. pioneer in the fields of psychometrics and psychophysics. He conceived the approach to measurement ...

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L. L. Thurstone, in full Louis Leon Thurstone (born May 29, 1887, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.—died September 29, 1955, Chapel Hill, North Carolina), American ...

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The biographical profile of L.L. Thurstone, focusing on his/her contributions to the development of intelligence theory and testing.

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While there are numerous theories of intelligence, psychologists do not agree on a standard definition of 'intelligence.' Explore the major theories.

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L. L. Thurstone. Previous (L. Frank Baum) Next (La Paz) Louis Leon Thurstone (May 29, 1887 – September 29, 1955) was a U.S. pioneer in psychometrics and an ...

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Thurstone, Louis Leon (1887-1955) was an American psychologist who was instrumental in the development of psychological tests. His statistical techniques enabled ...

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LOUIS LEON THURSTONE 1887-1955 BY J. P. GUILFORD ON SEPTEMBER 19, 1955, one of the world's greatest psychologists passed from the scene. It is quite appropriate to ...

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Scientists try up to now to form a complete and unique theory of intelligence. Let's see the most important definitions of intelligence they have proposed.

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Classics in the History of Psychology. An internet resource developed by Christopher D. Green York University, Toronto, Ontario ISSN 1492-3173 (Return to Classics index)

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Thurstone (1938) suggested that intelligence is a composite of seven distinct primary mental abilities (PMA).