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Lycurgus (/ l aɪ ˈ k ɜːr ɡ ə s /; Greek: Λυκοῦργος, Lykoûrgos, Ancient Greek: c. 900 - 800 BC) was the legendary lawgiver of Sparta who established ...

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Lycurgus, (flourished 7th century bc?), traditionally, the lawgiver who founded most of the institutions of ancient Sparta.

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Lycurgus is known as the lawgiver of Sparta much as Solon is known as the lawgiver of Athens. Lycurgus is an even more legendary figure than his Athenian counterpart.


L Y C U R G U S The Father of Sparta by Plutarch Lycurgus established harmony, simplicity, and strength in Sparta. This warrior society tamed its youth through ...

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Examples from the Web for Lycurgus Expand Historical Examples Lycurgus left none of his laws in writing; it was ordered in one of the Rhetræ that none should be ...

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Lycurgus was king of the Edones in Thrace (Central Greece), son of Dryas. He was completely opposed to the cult of Dionysus (the cult of Dionysus originated in Thrace ...

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Lycurgus or Lykourgos (Greek: Λυκούργος) may refer to: People: Lycurgus of Sparta, creator of constitution of Sparta; Lycurgus of Athens, one of the ten ...

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Lycurgus was the legendary lawgiver of Sparta. Plutarch describes the life of Lycurgus as if Lycurgus had been a real person. Herodotus and Xenophon also ...