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noun 1. the original text of an author's work, handwritten or now usually typed, that is submitted to a publisher. 2. any text not printed. 3. a book or document ...

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She had just copied them with great care, and had destroyed the old manuscript, so that Amy's bonfire had consumed the loving work of several years.

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The traditional abbreviations are MS for manuscript and MSS for manuscripts. [3] [4] The second s is not simply the plural; by an old convention, it doubles the last ...

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Before sending your novel out to potential agents and publishers, be sure it's sent in the standard manuscript format by following these guidelines.

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A manuscript is the work that an author submits to a publisher, editor, or producer for publication. Even with the advent of desktop publishing, making it possible ...

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A manuscript is a handwritten work. It's still a manuscript if it's typed — if a publisher asks for your manuscript, don't send her something scrawled on notebook ...

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Manuscript is a menswear, visual arts, culture and design journal published quarterly. Established in Australia in 2011, it comprises feature stories, news, reviews ...

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manuscript, a handwritten work as distinguished from printing. The oldest manuscripts, those found in Egyptian tombs, were written on papyrus papyrus

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Handwriting for kids. Free handwriting lessons to teach kids and adults how to write alphabets, numbers, sentences, bible school, scriptures, and even their name!