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In computer science, a microkernel (also known as μ-kernel) is the near-minimum amount of software that can provide the mechanisms needed to implement an operating ...

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A Microkernel tries to run most services - like networking, filesystem, etc. - as daemons / servers in user space. All that's left to do for the kernel are ...

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A microkernel (abbreviated 5K or uK) can be considered a compact kernel as it performs only the basic functions universal to all computers. Designed to be integrated ...

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microkernel in Technology Expand operating system An approach to operating system design emphasising small modules that implement the basic features of the system ...

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L4 is a family of second-generation microkernels, generally used to implement Unix-like operating systems, but also used in a variety of other systems.

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microkernel (1) The foundation part of an operating system that is designed for the hardware it runs in. The other components of the OS interact with the microkernel ...

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The best example I've seen of a true MicroKernel is the EllFour microkernel (whose main author has unfortunately passed away). They ported Linux to run on top of this ...

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ARCHIVED: What are kernels and microkernels? A core feature of any operating system, the kernel manages communication between hardware and software.

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Microkernels The extent to which simple, efficient operations are a good choice in a kernel interface design. Úlfar Erlingsson and Athanasios Kyparlis