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Monocoque (/ ˈ m ɒ n ə ˌ k ɒ k, -ˌ k oʊ k /) is a structural approach whereby loads are supported through an object's external skin, similar to an egg shell.

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The monocoque has coque body, the others ordinary rectangular section.

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Very original and extraordinarily robust, the landing chassis of the monocoque is made up of two frames, one on each side of the fuselage. monohull;

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The model, a sub-four-metre micro-SUV that is currently in its testing phase in India, will be built on an all-new monocoque platform and is likely to be powered by 1.

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Monocoque. Today, 99% cars produced in this planet are made of steel monocoque chassis, thanks to its low production cost and suitability to robotised production.

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Although this is sometimes also referred to as a monocoque structure, because the car's outer skin and panels are made load-bearing — there are also still ribs, ...

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Monocoque, meaning 'single shell' in French, is a construction technique that utilises the external skin to support some ...

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:a stressed shell structure for airplane fuselages that differs from the monocoque in being reinforced with longitudinal stringers

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Monocoque - Survival Cell . Monocoque guarantees the safety of the driver in extreme situations. This carbon fiber safety cell is almost indestructible and plays a ...