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Mouflon have red-brown, short-haired coats with dark back-stripes and light-colored saddle patches. The males are horned; some females are horned, while others are polled

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Mouflon definition, a wild sheep, Ovis musimon, inhabiting the mountainous regions of Sardinia and Corsica, ... or moufflon [moof-lon] /ˈmuf lɒn/ Spell Syllables.

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Mouflon Common Names: muflone (Italian), Corsican mouflon, European mouflon, musimon, musmon, Sardinian mouflon Genus: Ovis

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mouflon male mouflon Ovis orientalis mou·flon also mouf·flon (mo͞of′lŏn′) n. pl. mouflon or mou·flons also moufflon or mouf·flons A small wild sheep (Ovis ...

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Welcome: Moufflon Publications is an independent press based in Nicosia, Cyprus. We produce titles covering a wide range of subjects with connections to Cyprus ...

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Define mouflon: either of two wild sheep (Ovis orientalis and O. musimon) of the mountains of Sardinia, Corsica and western Asia that have large ...

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The mouflon is the biggest animal of the Cyprus Fauna. Its former scientific name was Ovis orientalis orientalis. However, in recent years following long and in depth ...

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Looking for online definition of moufflon in the Medical Dictionary? moufflon explanation free. What is moufflon? Meaning of moufflon medical term.

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moufflon. the European wild sheep, characterized by a reddish color, short wool and big curly horns, and an ability to survive in very tough conditions.