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A mucous membrane or mucosa (plural, mucosae or mucosas; Latin tunica mucosa) is a biological membrane that lines various cavities in the body and surrounds internal ...

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mucosa [mu-ko´sah] (L.) mucous membrane. adj., adj muco´sal. alveolar mucosa the mucosal lining of the dental alveoli; a thin, soft, fragile continuation of the ...

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Examples from the Web for mucosa Expand Historical Examples Autopsy: Severe pulmonary congestion; catarrhal gastritis; mild enteritis with small hemorrhagic areas on ...

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The gastric mucosa is the mucous membrane layer of the stomach which contains the glands and the gastric pits. In humans it is about 1 mm thick and its surface is ...

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Mucosa is moist tissue that lines certain parts of the inside of your body. It is in your: Nose; Mouth; Lungs; Urinary and digestive tracts ; Glands in ...

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Mucosa: Having to do with a mucous membrane. For example, the oral mucosa. Last Editorial Review: 8/28/2013

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mu·co·sal (myū-kō'săl), Relating to the mucosa or mucous membrane. mu·co·sal (myū-kō'săl) Relating to the mucosa or mucous membrane. Mucosal

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1) In the 1990s, Andrea et al reported the use of contact endoscopy in examining the vocal folds (2) and the nasal mucosa.

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