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A multipole expansion is a mathematical series representing a function that depends on angles — usually the two angles on a sphere. These series are useful because ...

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Spherical multipole moments are the coefficients in a series expansion of a potential that varies inversely with the distance R to a source, i.e., as 1/R.

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Axial multipole moments are a series expansion of the electric potential of a charge distribution localized close to the origin along one Cartesian axis, denoted here ...

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The collection of necessary parameters are known as the multipole moments. Multipoles have many uses throughout the physical sciences.

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multipole[′məl·tə‚pōl] (electromagnetism) One of a series of types of static or oscillating distributions of charge or magnetization; namely, an electric ...

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Jackson notes 2016 1 Spherical multipole moments Suppose we have a charge distribution ˆ(~x) where all of the charge is con-tained within a spherical region of ...

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Multipole moments are the coefficients of a series expansion of a potential due to continuous or discrete sources (e.g., an electric charge distribution).

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In General * Idea: A set of numbers characterizing an extended source for a field, in terms of which the field can be expanded in a series of terms, each ...

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Multipole Moments Plots 1. Only first nonvanishing moment (Pure dipole) V1[x_,z_] := 2 z/(x^2+z^2)^1.5 ContourPlot[V1[x,z],{x,-3,3},{z,-3,3}, PlotPoints->30] "multipole moments": Key Phrase page

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