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Murabaḥah, murabaḥa or murâbaḥah (Arabic مرابحة) is an Islamic term for a sale where the buyer and seller agree on the markup for the item(s) being sold. [1]

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DEFINITION of 'Murabaha' An Islamic financing structure, where an intermediary buys a property with free and clear title to it. The intermediary and prospective buyer ...

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Murabaha A structure in Islamic finance in which one party buys a good for cash and then sells it to a second party for deferred payments. For example, if Joe wishes ...

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Q. What is Murabaha? 1. Murabaha: (Cost-Plus Financing) S ale on profit. Technically a contract of sale in which the seller declares his cost and profit.

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Murabaha Share . Murabaha is essentially an installment sale. The financier will purchase the item, mark it up and then divide the marked up price over time.

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In Islamic finance, a sales contract where the bank buys a product on behalf of a client and resells the product to the same client by clearly mentioning the cost ...

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A Murabaha transaction involves a purchase and deferred-payment resale. The property that has been identified by you for purchase will be purchased by Devon Bank.

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Murabaha is the most popular and most common mode of Islamic financing. It is also known as Mark up or Cost plus financing.

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1 Murabaha Process, Documentation & Application of Murabaha Ahmed Ali Siddiqui Vice President & Manager Product Development & Shariah Compliance

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Murabaha mode of financing is adopted by the Islamic banks to satisfy a variety of financing requirements of their clients in various and diverse sectors.