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Mysida is an order of small, shrimp-like crustaceans in the malacostracan superorder Peracarida. Their common name opossum shrimps stems from the presence of a brood ...

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Mysid shrimp, Mysids, Americamysis bahia (Mysidopsis bahia), for use in toxicity testing and as live feeders for saltwater predators.

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These are live mysid shrimp, sold in quantities ranging from 50 to 5000. They are a great live feed for finicky marine tropicals and seahorses. - Raising Mysid Shrimp as a Home Aquarium Food

Various species of Mysid shrimp, also known as opossum shrimp, have been collected or cultured as a live food for aquatic ...

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Like live zooplankton, copepods, mysid shrimp, amphipods and live phytoplankton, micro algae, and macro algae for the next generation: WHOLE LIFE CYCLE AQUARIUM SYSTEM.

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shrimp (shrĭmp) n. pl. shrimp or shrimps 1. a. Any of various small, chiefly marine, often edible decapod crustaceans that have a laterally compressed, elongated ...

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Live Mysis Feeder Shrimp. Scientific name: Americamysis bahia. ... Live mysid shrimp for saltwater aquarium feeding; Cultured in closed systems, using sustainable ...

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Cultured Marine Mysid Shrimp. Americamysis bahia. VIEW PRODUCTS > ... We view the planet as a large closed aquarium system or aquaculture system.

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The Mysidacea is a group of shrimp-like crustaceans in the superorder Peracarida, comprising the two extant orders Mysida and Lophogastrida and the prehistoric ...