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The Nabataean alphabet is a consonantal alphabet that was used by the Nabataeans in the 2nd century BC. [2] Important inscriptions are found in Petra, Jordan.

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The Nabataean language was a western Aramaic dialect and was the language of the Nabataeans of the Negev, east bank of the Jordan, and the Sinai Peninsula.

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Nabataean alphabet, writing system used between approximately 150 bc and ad 150 in the Nabataean kingdom of Petra in the Arabian Peninsula. Used by the Nabataeans to ...

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Nabataean alphabet is available in 17 languages. Return to Nabataean alphabet. Languages. Afrikaans; العربية; brezhoneg; català; Deutsch; español; français

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Nabataean is therefore considered the direct precursor of the ... one of the earliest inscriptions in the Arabic language was written in the Nabataean alphabet, ...

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Nabataean alphabet Top # 8 Facts, Ruins of Ancient Petra, The Nabatean Kingdom, Aramaic Alphabet, Arabic Lesson 1z - Alphabets 26-29, 6of6, Arabic Lesson 1z ...

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Nabataean is a Unicode block containing characters for writing the ancient Nabataean language.