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A natural satellite is a celestial body that orbits another celestial body of greater mass (e.g., a planet, star, or dwarf planet), which is called its primary.

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The Solar System's planets and officially recognised dwarf planets are known to be orbited by 181 natural satellites, or moons. 19 moons in the Solar System are large ...

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A natural satellite in astronomy is a smaller body which moves around a larger body. The smaller body is held in orbit by gravitation. The term is used for moons ...

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A natural satellite is an object that orbits a planet or other body larger than itself and which is not man-made. Such objects are often called moons.

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Moons are called natural satellites because they orbit around planets. The Earth has only one moon, but there are at least 170 other moons in our Solar System.

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satellite, natural, celestial body orbiting a planet, dwarf planet, asteroid, or star of a larger size. The most familiar natural satellite is the

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A natural satellite is a body in space that revolves around (orbits) another body. Technically the planets are all satellites of the Sun, but the.

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A natural satellite, more commonly referred to as a moon, is a celestial body that orbits a planet or smaller body, which is called the primary.