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An international journal, published weekly, with original, groundbreaking research spanning all of the scientific disciplines.

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NATURE exposes the sneaky mating strategies of kangaroos, cuttlefish, African antelope and more!

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Watch Nature videos on demand. Stream full episodes online. NATURE brings the beauty and wonder of the natural world into your home, becoming in the process the ...

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Nature, in the broadest sense, is the natural, physical, or material world or universe. "Nature" can refer to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in ...

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The Nature Conservancy protects Earth's natural resources and beauty. Our conservation efforts are driven by our members. Act Now.

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noun 1. the material world, especially as surrounding humankind and existing independently of human activities. 2. the natural world as it exists without human beings ...

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He devoted himself to the study of nature. That is a color not found in nature. Hunger is nature's way of telling you to eat. Gravity is one of the basic laws of nature.

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na·ture (nā′chər) n. 1. a. The material world and its phenomena: scientists analyzing nature. b. The forces and processes that produce and control these ...

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Nature is a British interdisciplinary scientific journal, first published on 4 November 1869. [1] It was ranked the world's most cited scientific journal by the ...

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Catalogue of journals and science resources, including the journal Nature. Publishes science news and articles across a wide range of scientific fields.