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Neurulation refers to the folding process in vertebrate embryos, which includes the transformation of the neural plate into the neural tube. [1] The embryo at this ...

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Gastrulation in birds and mammals. from LIFE: The Science of Biology, Purves et al, 1998. During gastrulation in birds and mammals, epiblast cells converge at the ...

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Neurulation: Introduction. Neurulation accomplishes three major things in higher vertebrates: (1) It creates the neural tube, which gives rise the central nervous system.

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neurulation [noor″oo-la´shun] formation in the early embryo of the neural plate and neural folds, followed by its closure with development of the neural tube.

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Neurulation is the formation of the neural tube from the ectoderm of the embryo . It follows gastrulation in all vertebrates. During gastrulation cells migrate to the ...

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neurulation neu·ru·la·tion (nur'ə-lā'shən, -yə-lā'-, nyur'-) n. The formation of the embryonic neural plate and its transformation into the neural tube.

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There are two major ways of forming a neural tube. In primary neurulation, the cells surrounding the neural plate direct the neural plate cells to proliferate ...

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The development of the nervous system can be divided into three stages: gastrulation, primary neurulation and secondary neurulation.

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Formation of the neural tube, the rudiment of the central nervous system, occurs through the process of neurulation. Neurulation occurs in two phases, primary a

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Neurulation is a morphogenetic event par excellence. During this highly choreographed four-dimensional process, a flat sheet of ectoderm is transformed into an