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Nez Perce may refer to: Nez Perce people, Native American people living in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Nez Perce language, their language.

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Official site of this Indian tribe offers information on tribal government, programs and departments, history, celebrations, businesses, and reservation.

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Nez Percé Culture. In general habits of life the Nez Percé as well as the other Shahaptian tribes conform to the inland type of Indians and differ sharply in most ...

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HISTORY Before the Nez Percé acquired horses in the early 1700s, they lived in semi-subterranean pit houses covered with branches and earth.

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Nez Percé is an exonym given by French Canadian fur traders who visited the area regularly in the late 18th century, meaning literally "pierced nose".

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Nez Percé , Native North Americans whose language belongs to the Sahaptin-Chinook branch of the Penutian linguistic stock . Also called

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Nez Percé, self-name Nimi’ipuu, North American Indian people centring on the lower Snake River and such tributaries as the Salmon and Clearwater rivers in what is ...

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noun, plural Nez Percés [nez pur-siz; French ney per-sey] ). (especially collectively) Nez Percé for 1. 1. a member of a North American Indian people of the ...

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Yellowstone Park & Nez Perce Trail Interpretations, LLC is dedicated to exploring the Ni Mii Puu (Nez Perce Trail) during the Nez Perce War of 1877, Yellowstone Park ...