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Nicias (/ ˈ n ɪ ʃ i ə s /; Νικίας Nikias; c. 470 BC – 413 BC), was an Athenian politician and general during the period of the Peloponnesian War.

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Nicias, (died 413 bc, Sicily [now in Italy]), Athenian politician and general during the Peloponnesian War (431–404 bc) between Sparta and Athens. He was in charge ...

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Nicias the son of Niceratus became one of the leading political figures in Athens after the death of Pericles (429). He was very wealthy, deriving most of his income ...

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The Archidamian War Portait of an unknown Athenian general. Although Nicias, the son of Niceratus, was born in c.470 and was about forty years old when the ...

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Examples from the Web for Nicias Expand Historical Examples Alcibiades and Nicias, men that bore the greatest sway in the city, were of different factions. The Boys ...

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Nicias (Greek: Νικίας) was an Indo-Greek king who ruled in the Paropamisade. Most of his relatively few coins have been found in northern Pakistan, indicating ...

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Certainly we will, said Glaucon; and in a few minutes Polemarchus appeared, and with him Adeimantus, Glaucon's brother, Niceratus the son of Nicias, and several ...

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Nicias, (flourished 4th century bc), Athenian painter who was noted for his skill in chiaroscuro (the depiction of form by means of light and shadow).