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The Nika riots (Greek: Στάσις τοῦ Νίκα Stásis toû Níka), or Nika revolt, took place over the course of a week in Constantinople in AD 532.

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Nika Riots of January 13, 532AD | Armstrong Economics

The Byzantine government, as all governments, became extremely bureaucratic and corrupt. The culture divided into what we would call a right and left wing system of ...

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Parkland College A with Honors Projects Honors Program 2013 The Nika Riots Harold Lowery Parkland College Open access to this Article is brought to you by Parkland ...

The Nika Riots: Sports Riots that Nearly Toppled an Empire ...

Justinian had a rough first few years but ultimately proved to be among the best of the Emperors. The riots were terrible and destroyed much of the city, but ...

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The Nika riots. Theodora proved herself a worthy and able leader during the Nika riots. There were two rival political factions in the Empire, the Blues …

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More News. Nika Riot 532 AD - Istanbul. Nika Riot was one of the most violent incidents in the history of Istanbul.

The Nika Revolt: Violent Uprising in Medieval Byzantium

The Nika Revolt was a devastating riot that took place in early medieval Constantinople, in the Eastern Roman Empire. It threatened the life and reign of ...