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The original homeland of the Oghuz, like other Turks, was the Ural-Altay region of Central Asia, which has been the domain of Turkic peoples since antiquity.

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OGHUZ TURKS The Oghuz Turks, or Oguz Turks (Okuz, Oufoi, Guozz, Ghuzz) are regarded as one of the major branches of the Turks in history.

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Oghuz Turks. Wikipedia. Proper noun . Oghuz. A group of western Turkic people, including the Turks and Turkmens; See also . Gagavuz;

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The early pronunciation of this transliteration suggests that they were ancestors of Oghur/Oghuz." ... the historical epic of the Oghuz Turks, ...

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Oghuz Turks is available in 39 languages. Return to Oghuz Turks. Languages. aragonés; العربية; azərbaycanca; تۆرکجه; башҡортса ...

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Y dna haplogroups R1b -37 % j2- 17 % G -12 % R1a - 9 % Q -5% N 6 % L 6 % Turkic people The Turkomen also known as Oghuz Turks (a linguistic term ...