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The Onagraceae are a family, known as the willowherb family or evening primrose family, of flowering plants. They include about 650 species of herbs, shrubs, and ...

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Onagraceae, evening primrose family of flowering plants, belonging to the myrtle order (Myrtales), comprising 18 genera and 655 species, and concentrated in the ...

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Phylogeny. Despite intensive morphological and molecular studies of Onagraceae, relationships within the family have not been fully understood.

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All names. The status of the 4,544 names (including infraspecific names) for the family Onagraceae recorded in The Plant List, are as follows:

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Onagraceae Plants of the Evening Primrose Family. The delicate flowers of this family have regular, bisexual flowers with 4 separate sepals and 4 separate petals ...

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Ludwigia palustris, water purslane, this species lacks petals. Ludwigia sedioides, mosaic plant, Lyon Arboretum, Honolulu, HI, May, 2004.

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The Evening Primrose or Willow herb family - Onagraceae - comprises about 20 genera and 700 species of annual or perennial ...

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Floral formula for the Onagraceae. Note that this is a 4-merous flower and that a hypanthium is present. The ovary is inferior.

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Onagraceae is a family of flowering plants, beloging to the myrtle order comprising 21 genera concentrated in the temperate region of the New World.

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