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The Bundestag (German pronunciation: [ˈbʊndəstaːk], "Federal Diet") is a constitutional and legislative body at the federal level in Germany.

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Germany is a democratic, federal parliamentary republic, and federal legislative power is vested in the Bundestag (the parliament of Germany) and the Bundesrat (the ...

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Homepage of the German Bundestag, the national parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany

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Bundestag (bo͝on`dĕstäkh'), lower house of the parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is a popularly elected body that elects the chancellor, passes all ...

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Germany. Government. Germany is a parliamentary democracy governed under the constitution of 1949, which became the constitution of a united Germany in 1990.

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Germany Table of Contents. The heart of any parliamentary system of government is the legislature. Germany has a bicameral parliament. The two chambers are ...

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In the 18th German Bundestag, there are four parliamentary groups. The Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU) forms the largest parliamentary ...

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The German government has welcomed the fact that Iran has honoured its commitments under the nuclear agreement, said federal government spokesperson Steffen Seibert.

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They also offered the visiting German delegation any assistance and support that they may require in setting up such a forum in the parliament of Germany.