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Pashto is a subject–object–verb (SOV) language with split ergativity. Adjectives come before nouns. Nouns and adjectives are inflected for two genders (masc./fem ...

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Pashto is an Iranian langauge spoken in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, India and a number of other countries by about 40 million people.

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Afghanistan Southern Pashto is spoken by 6 million people in Afghanistan . It is a co-official language of Afghanistan along with Dari (Eastern Persian).

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noun 1. an Indo-European, Iranian language that is the official language of Afghanistan and the chief vernacular of the eastern part of the nation.

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Pashto, designated a critical language by the US Department of Defense, is one of two official languages of Afghanistan and is also spoken in parts of Pakistan.

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Pash·to (pŭsh′tō) also Push·tu (pŭsh′to͞o) n. The Iranian language spoken by the Pashtuns. [Persian pashtu, from Pashto pašto, perhaps ultimately from ...

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