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Pelias (/ ˈ p iː l ɪ ˌ æ s /; Greek: Πελίας) was king of Iolcus in Greek mythology, the son of Tyro and Poseidon. His wife is recorded as either Anaxibia ...

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Pelias, in Greek mythology, a king of Iolcos in Thessaly who imposed on his half-nephew Jason the task of bearing off the Golden Fleece. According to Homer, Pelias ...

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Pelias (ˈpiːlɪˌæs) n (Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a son of Poseidon and Tyro. He feared his nephew Jason and sent him to recover the Golden Fleece ...

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Pelias is the son of Tyro and Poseidon. Tyro is the daughter of Salmoneus and the niece of Athamas. Athamas was the unlucky man who was driven to madness by Hera and ...

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wof-regioncode-lookup. This project exposes a stream that will modify pelias Document objects to include a region code. It is a temporary project that will last until ...

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USS Pelias (AS–14), was a Griffin-class submarine tender in service with the United States Navy from 1941 to 1970.

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The oracle in Delphi has said, that a man wearing one sandal should take the kingdom from pelias, and keep it for himself.

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Pelias , in Greek mythology, usurper of the throne of Iolcus. He was the son of Tyro and Poseidon and the twin brother of Neleus. After his

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