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On the United Kingdom's public transport systems, a penalty fare is a special fare charged at a higher than normal price because the purchaser did not comply with the ...

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This website is managed by Revenue Protection Support Services (RPSS) and The Independent Penalty Fares Appeals Service (IPFAS). We have been providing the train ...

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The Penalty Fares System is designed to protect the majority of customers from the minority of people who travel without a valid ticket for the journey they are making.

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If you don't have a valid ticket or you don't touch in if using pay as you go, you may be charged a Penalty fare or we may prosecute you.

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Penalty Fare Appeals. I.P.F.A.S. A fair and independent assessment. Because a Penalty Fare is the reverse of the normal "innocent until proved guilty" British justice ...

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Penalty Fares. The operation of a Penalty Fares scheme is one way in which transport providers can try to reduce ticketless travel. On routes where stops are frequent ...

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If you are travelling from a penalty fare station on a penalty fare train, and: a) You do not have a valid ticket and are approached by a revenue protection employee ...

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Penalty Fare Support @ penaltyfare. Got a #penaltyfare? We maybe able to advise routes of appeal. Deliberate fare evasion is illegal. ^John ^MartinG ^Ian here to help.

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An On-the-spot Penalty Fare is an option for passengers caught without a valid ticket. No passenger will be forced to pay an On-the-spot Penalty Fare.