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In the history of Christianity, "Pentarchy" (from the Greek Πενταρχία, Pentarchia from πέντε pente, "five", and ἄρχω archo, "to rule") refers to ...

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In 1846 Russia was the first power of Europe, and at a great distance ahead of all other members of the pentarchy.

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The Pentarchy consisted of the five ancient patriarchates of the undivided Church of the first millennium of her history, including the Churches of Rome ...

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Pentarchy, in early Byzantine Christianity, the proposed government of universal Christendom by five patriarchal sees under the auspices of a single universal empire.

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pl.-·chies. a federation of five states, each under an individual leader or ruler; government by five rulers; Origin of pentarchy. Classical Greek pentarchia: see ...

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Eastern Orthodox responses to Ut unum sint have not been well registered primarily because each pentarchy operates autonomously.

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