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Origins. Phocas was a Greek-speaking native of Thrace. [1] Almost nothing is known of Phocas's early life and the name of his father is unknown. His mother was named ...

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Saint Phocas, sometimes called Phocas the Gardener or Phocas of Sinope (Greek:Φωκᾶς), is venerated as a martyr by the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

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Phocas (602-610 A.D.) Kevin H. Crow Western Kentucky University ... Phocas was, and to a certain extent remains, one of the most maligned of all Byzantine emperors.

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Phocas, (born 547—died Oct. 5, 610), centurion of modest origin, probably from Thrace, who became the late Roman, or Byzantine, emperor in 602.

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Phocas Year and place of birth unknown; died October 610 in Constantinople. Byzantine emperor from 602. While a Byzantine centurion stationed on the Danube, Phocas ...

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Phocas (Laitin: Flavius Phocas Augustus; Greek: Φωκᾶς, Phokas) (547 – 5 October 610) wis Byzantine Emperor frae 602 tae 610.