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Community. If you are interested in joining the Phonon community and help making awesome things happen, the Community wiki is your place to start.

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Phonon is the multimedia API provided by KDE and is the standard abstraction for handling multimedia streams within KDE software and also used by several Qt applications.

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Phonon is a multimedia, multi-platform sound framework for the application developer. Phonon also provides several features and benefits for the end user.

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Multimedia Unleashed. With Phonon, KDE developers will be able to write applications with multimedia functionality in a fraction of the time needed with one of the ...

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Welcome to the Phonon wiki space. Here, we try to document what is being worked on, and our plans for the immediate future. New tasks should go to Phonon/Ideas ...

The Road to KDE 4: Phonon Makes Multimedia Easier

Like the previously featured articles on new KDE 4 technologies for Job Processes or SVG Widgets, today we feature the shiny new multimedia technology Phonon.

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libphonon . Phonon itself (aka libphonon, "phonon proper", or [confusingly] just "phonon") is the library that lets applications use backends. It can be found at git ...

Phonon: Multimedia in KDE 4 |

After many months of work on the new Multimedia API for KDE 4 it is time to finally announce Phonon. Phonon will provide a task oriented API for multimedia, making it ...

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4.0 . Overview | Application Example | Backend Development. Phonon is the Multimedia API for KDE. You should evaluate whether Phonon supplies all you need before ...

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Other meaning of the word Phonon. It's worth mentioning that the word Phonon means arts in arabic, but the chances the developers knew that are next to nil.