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A photoresist is a light-sensitive material used in several industrial processes, such as photolithography and photoengraving, to form a patterned coating on a surface.

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Photoresist: An Overview. This article discusses photoresist in general. Future articles will cover the creation of vector and raster art, and multistage carving ...

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Description : User friendly SR3000™ is a high-resolution photoresist with an inherent self sticking quality enabling etchers to achieve the finest detail and ...


AZ MIR 703 Series photoresists are medium resolution i-line products engineered to provide wide process latitude and exceptional value for multiple pattern layers at ...

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Photolithography, also termed optical lithography or UV lithography, is a process used in microfabrication to pattern parts of a thin film or the bulk of a substrate.

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Photoresists & Manufacturers. Below is a list of photoresist manufacturers and a table of photoresists. We do not claim that either of these is comprehensive.

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Photolithography. Photolithography is the process of transferring geometric shapes on a mask to the surface of a silicon wafer. The steps involved in the ...

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photoresist A film used in photolithography that temporarily holds the pattern of a circuit path or microscopic element of a chip. When exposed to light, it hardens ...

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Photoresists, Ancillaries, Etchants, Solvents, and Technical Support for all Stages of MicroStructuring and Lithography