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The Phrygian language / ˈ f r ɪ dʒ i ə n / was the Indo-European language of the Phrygians, spoken in Asia Minor during Classical Antiquity (2nd millennium BC to ...

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Phrygian language, ancient Indo-European language of west-central Anatolia. Textual evidence for Phrygian falls into two distinct groups. Old Phrygian texts date from ...

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The Phrygian language Translation of Phrygian scripts. by Mel Copeland (Based on a related work, Etruscan Phrases, first published in 1981) Contents

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The terms ‚wanax‘ (wa-na-ka) and ‚lāwāgetās‘ (ra-wa-ke-ta) are not only documented in Linear B records but also in very similar form in a Phrygian ...

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The Phrygian language - The term “Phrygian” is usually not widely known to people or it does only ring a bell.Some recognize it as a mode in music or a cap th

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Phrygian language is available in 32 languages. Return to Phrygian language. Languages. aragonés; العربية; asturianu; беларуская; български

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Details of Phrygian, an extinct Paleo-Balkan language spoken in parts of Central Asia Minor until about 5th century AD, and written with its own alphabet