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Polymer chemistry is a multidisciplinary science that deals with the chemical synthesis and chemical properties of polymers which were considered by Hermann ...

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Encompassing all aspects of synthetic and biological macromolecules, and related emerging areas

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For more than 18 years, Polymer Chemistry Innovations (PCI) has served customers in all areas of the specialty polymers field with unique expertise in difficult ...

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This is a collection of polymer chemistry notes, lectures, lessons, and articles.

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Polymer. Polymer chemistry research at Cornell is geared to a fundamental understanding of polymer systems ranging from fully biological to synthetic macromolecules. - Polymers

Polymers 1. Introduction. Prior to the early 1920's, chemists doubted the existence of molecules having molecular weights greater than a few thousand.

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Polymer chemists are employed in industry, government, and academia. Most jobs are in industry, where polymers are manufactured and products containing polymers are made.

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Scope. The scope of Polymer Chemistry covers all aspects of the chemistry of polymers, macromolecules, biopolymers, and biomacromolecules including the following.

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A polymer (/ ˈ p ɒ l ᵻ m ər /; [2] [3] Greek poly-, "many" + -mer, "parts") is a large molecule, or macromolecule, composed of many repeated subunits.

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Most people employed in the polymer chemistry field have a college degree, with many possessing advanced degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, or ...