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Polytonality (also polyharmony (Cole and Schwartz 2012)) is the musical use of more than one key simultaneously. Bitonality is the use of only two different keys at ...

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polytonality [pol-ee-toh-nal-i-tee] /ˌpɒl i toʊˈnæl ɪ ti/ Spell Syllables Word Origin noun, Music. 1. the use of more than one key at the same time. Expand Also ...

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Polytonality, in music, the simultaneous occurrence of two or more different tonalities or keys (the interrelated sets of notes and chords used in a composition).

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Polytonality is the simultaneous combination of different melodic or harmonic patterns, each being characteristic of a different key. Polytonal passages were used on ...

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Find out information about polytonal. in ... Bitonality—the use of two different tonalities —is the most common type of polytonality.In... Explanation of polytonal.

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Kavallaris comments on the piece's composition by saying "the piece uses a kind of polytonality and harmonic treatment of the traditional melodies which are drawn out ...

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Dave Brubeck was among the very first jazz musicians to introduce and popularize the musical concept of polytonality. Simply put, it is playing in two keys ...

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"A logical continuation of polychordal technique is polytonality, the simultaneous presentation, on different strata, of two or more keys or tonalities.

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Polytonality is the use in music of several keys at the same time. Music such as this is called polytonal. Bitonality is the use in music of two keys at the same time.