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Pontifical vestments, also referred to as episcopal vestments or pontificals, are the liturgical vestments worn by bishops (and by concession some other prelates) in ...

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The Roman Pontifical, in Latin the Pontificale Romanum, is the Latin Catholic liturgical book that contains the rites performed by Bishops. [1] The Pontifical is ...

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When he arrived at the village of Mentana, he heard that the pontificals were close by, and he waited to give them battle.

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Define pontifical. pontifical synonyms, ... pontificals The vestments and insignia of a bishop. 2. A book of forms for ceremonies performed by a bishop.

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Noun . pontifical ‎(plural pontificals) A book containing the offices, or formulas, used by a pontiff. 1995, Richard A. Jackson, Ordines coronationis ...

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The pontificals common to all are enumerated by Pius VII in his constitution "Decet Romanos" (4 July, 1823), ... Pontificalia. In The Catholic Encyclopedia.

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PONTIFICALS The marks of dignity used by cardinals and bishops at Mass and other offices of the Church when celebrating with full solemnity. Abbots may also use ...

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pon·tif·i·cal (pŏn-tĭf′ĭ-kəl) adj. 1. Relating to, characteristic of, or suitable for a pontiff. 2. Pompously dogmatic or self-important; pretentious. n. 1 ...

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Pontifical definition, of, relating to, or characteristic of a pontiff; papal. See more. ... pontificals, the vestments and other insignia of a pontiff, ...

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Define pontificalibus: the attire or vestments of one's office—usage, synonyms, more. ... from the Medieval Latin phrase in pontificalibus in pontificals.