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Portuguese (português or, in full, língua portuguesa) is a Romance language and the sole official language of Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, ...

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Learn Brazilian Portuguese language free online with Portuguese grammar, vocabulary, dictionary, useful phrases and native audio of Brazilian pronunciation.

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Portuguese is a Romance language spoken in Portugal, Brazil and a number of other countries by about 220 million people.

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Portuguese; português: Pronunciation [puɾtuˈɣeʃ] [poʁtuˈɡes] Native to: Portugal: Native speakers: 215 million (2010) Language family


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Portuguese Business Portuguese language Skills are essential if you plan to focus your job search in areas where it is the official or co-official language.

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Portuguese (language) Portuguese Air Command and Control System; Portuguese Air Force; Portuguese American Health Professional Association; Portuguese American War ...

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Portuguese language, Portuguese Português, Romance language that is spoken in Portugal, Brazil, and other Portuguese colonial and formerly colonial territories.

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A free online magazine for Portuguese language learners. Free Language organizes available resources - almost exclusively free - for learning Portuguese all in one ...