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In meteorology, precipitation is any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapour that falls under gravity. [1] The main forms of precipitation include ...

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The Northeast River Forecast Center produces river basin averaged Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (QPF) for New England and much of New York State.

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Weather and climate affect many aspects of life in Southern Africa. As much of the region relies on subsistence Agriculture for their income, accurate predictions of ...

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National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS)

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precipitation, in meteorology, condensed moisture that falls to the surface of the earth in the form of rain, sleet, snow, hail, frost, or

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What's the Difference Between Weather and Climate?

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Climate is the statistics (usually, mean or variability) of weather, usually over a 30-year interval. [1] [2] It is measured by assessing the patterns of variation in ...

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Official U.S. weather, marine, fire and aviation forecasts, warnings, meteorological products, climate forecasts and information about meteorology.

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Meteorology is a weather-based event designed to give students a basic understanding of the weather and an understanding of why the "weatherman" is always wrong.