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The diaconate, the presbyter, priest or elder, and the επισκοπος or bishop.

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Presbyter (Greek πρεσβύτερος, : "elder" or "priest" in Christian usage) in the New Testament refers to a leader in local Christian congregations ...

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The holy presbyter Flavia Vitalia in early fifth-century Dalmatia (today, Croatia) sold a piece of church burial property, so she was an authorized church agent.

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Presbyter is a term derived from the Greek word presbyteros, meaning "elder." It has become the basis both for the Catholic "priest," to which it is etymologically ...

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Presbyter, (from Greek presbyteros, “elder”), an officer or minister in the early Christian Church intermediate between bishop and deacon or, in modern ...

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The Presbyter is the second (of three) degree of the major orders of clergy in the Orthodox Church, below bishop and above deacon. The word 'presbyter' is, in the ...

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The presbytery, or the rectory, was the chief guest-house in the land.


This word (etymologically "elder", from presbyteros, presbyter) has taken the meaning of "sacerdos", ... The second degree belongs to the priest (presbyter), ...

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presbyter ‎(plural presbyters) A priest in various churches. An elder of the Presbyterian church. An elder of the congregation in early Christianity.