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Presidential Candidates 2016

Exploratory 2016 Independent Presidential Candidate Businessman, philanthropist and former Mayor of New York City : Michael Bloomberg: A self-made billionaire and ...

2016 Presidential Candidates (Presidency 2016)

List of potential presidential candidates, grouped by political party, with links to their websites and social media networks.

2016 Presidential Candidates

The following presidential candidates have officially filed as a 2016 presidential candidate with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) or have announcements impending.

2016 Presidential Candidates | Facts and Comparison

Compare all candidates in the 2016 presidential election on campaign finance, net worth, key issues such as immigration, jobs, and gun control, and more.

Republican Party presidential candidates, 2016 - Wikipedia ...

This article contains evolving lists of candidates associated with the 2016 Republican Party presidential primaries for the 2016 United States presidential election.

2016 Presidential Candidates - Conservative Review

Presidential Candidates Comparison. Swipe to the left to view more candidates. Click on a rating to read more.

United States presidential election - Wikipedia, the free ...

History. Article Two of the United States Constitution originally established the method of presidential elections, including the Electoral College.

Republican Presidential Candidates 2016

2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Former combat pilot and current airline captain : Chris Hill: Chris Hill is a combat veteran who served as a pilot during ...

2016 Presidential Candidates - A List of Prospects

Find out who's on the short list of 2016 presidential candidates. Read bios of the possible 2016 presidential candidates. Learn about the political careers ...

2016 Election | Republican & Democratic Candidate News

2016 Election Republican Debate Schedule. 2016 Presidential Election Polls. ... List of Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates. J.J. Ericsson-May 20, 2015. 2.