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Historical and modern terminology. The relationships among the different groups of primates were not clearly understood until relatively recently, so the commonly ...

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any of various omnivorous mammals of the order Primates, comprising the three suborders Anthropoidea (humans, great apes, gibbons, Old World monkeys, and New World ...

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Primates are a remarkable group of mammals that includes humans and other great apes. Primates are notable for their dexterity and complex social units.

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One would almost imagine from the long list that is given of cannibal primates, bishops, arch-deacons, prebendaries, and other inferior ecclesiastics, that the ...

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List of primates contains the species in the order Primates and currently contains 16 families and 72 genera. See list of fossil primates for extinct species and List ...

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lemurs: monkeys: orang utans: gorillas: bonobos: chimpanzees. home primates primate faq

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The primates include the most familiar of the placental mammals, because they include us, Homo sapiens. Primates also include familiar animals, such as the ...

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Taxonomy and general characteristics of prosimians, monkeys, apes, and humans.

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Primates [prī′mād·ēz] (vertebrate zoology) The order of mammals to which man belongs; characterized in terms of evolutionary trends by retention of a ...