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Applications. Psephology is a division of political science that deals with the examination as well as the statistical analysis of elections and polls.

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Example sentences As you know, psephology is the formal study of elections, apparently trivial but dripping with deep, dark paradoxes. Chapter 3, ‘On New Labour's ...

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However, as one who has found psephology a fascinating subject over the last 65 years, I cannot recall any election in the United Kingdom that has generated so much ...

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Origin of psephology. Greek ps&emacron;phos, pebble, ballot (from the ancient Greeks' use of pebbles for voting) + –logy. Related Forms: pse′pho·log′i·cal

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n. "study of elections," 1952, from Greek psephizein "to vote" (properly "to vote with pebbles," from psephos "pebble") + -logy.

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Psephology comes from the Greek word for "pebble," psêphos; Athenian custom was to cast votes by means of pebbles. Psephology entered English in the mid-1900s.

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Define Psephologists. Psephologists synonyms, ... psephology (redirected from Psephologists) Also found in: Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. pse·phol·o·gy