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Ptah is the Creator god par excellence: He is considered the demiurge who existed before all other things, and by his willfulness, thought the world.

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Ptah. Symbols: Architect's transit, level, plumb-line, bricks, djed Cult Center: Memphis. Ptah was the chief god of the ancient city of Memphis. He was a creator god ...

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In Egyptian mythology, Ptah (also spelled Peteh) was the Egyptian god of artisans and craftspeople, and was always most revered for his own creative efforts.

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Ptah was the predynastic god of craftsmen, pottery and creation. He was a god of creation and rebirth.

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Ptah, also spelled Phthah, in Egyptian religion, creator-god and maker of things, a patron of craftsmen, especially sculptors; his high priest was called “chief ...

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By N.S. Gill. Definition: Ptah is the creator god of the Memphite theology. Self-generated, Ptah, the god of the primeval mound (Tatenen), created by thinking of ...

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Cult Center: Memphis. Attributes: Ptah represents the sun at the time when it begins to rise above the horizon and or right after it has risen.

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Ptah is the creator-god of Memphis, the city that served as the capital of the ancient Egypt for most of its history and which was known, during that history, as Het ...

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The Egyptians believed that Ptah was a god who created everything from artifacts to the world egg to the other deities themselves. The Opening of the Mouth ceremony ...