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Pyranose is a collective term for carbohydrates that have a chemical structure that includes a six-membered ring consisting of five carbon atoms and one oxygen atom.

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The furanose ring is a cyclic hemiacetal of an aldopentose or a cyclic hemiketal of a ketohexose. A furanose ring structure consists of four carbon and one oxygen ...

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pyranose in Medicine Expand pyranose py·ra·nose (pī'rə-nōs', -nōz') n. A cyclic form of a sugar in which an oxygen bridges two carbon atoms, thus forming a ring ...

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Pyranose monosaccharides are quite common in the literature—their conformation resembles the well ... Pyranose Forms of the Hexoses. D-allose: D-altrose: D ...

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Furanoses and Pyranoses. We first discussed cyclic compounds in Chapter 3. One of the important conclusions was that 5- and 6- membered rings were more favourable ...


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If the cyclic form of a monosaccharide has an oxygen-containing six-membered ring, the compound is called a pyranose. eg: Two of the four cyclic forms of D ...

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pyranose [pir´ah-nōs] a six-membered ring structure formed by the reaction of the carbonyl group and a hydroxy group of a sugar to form a hemiacetal.

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